Mutual Aid Philly

Mutual Aid Philly is an entirely volunteer run, community powered group that provides direct aid, neighbor to neighbor, in South Philly and Center City in English and Spanish. The group was created to provide support in response to COVID-19 and prioritizes outreach to groups most affected by the health and economic impacts of the pandemic. We primarily focus on disabled and chronically ill, undocumented, people of color, LGBTQ, and low-income individuals and families.

Request Mutual Aid

Non-Financial Assistance

Please complete this form to request non-financial aid or support from neighbors (ex: grocery deliveries, prescription pick-ups, pet care, emotional support). We are only able to offer non-financial assistance in South Philly and Center City at this time.

Non-financial assistance request form

Financial Assistance

We will update here and on social media about when our financial request form will be open next.

If you made a request on March 15, please be patient with our volunteers as they reach out. It may take several weeks to process your request as we had nearly 400 requests that day.

Offer Mutual Aid


MAP needs volunteers for a new mutual aid model. Starting April 26th, we will be moving to a less centralized model of mutual aid that focuses on our local neighborhoods. They will be organized in WhatsApp groups that we're calling Pods. Sign up at the link below.

Members of each pod will be able to easily choose for themselves what requests to take on as they come in each week. We hope that this new method allows for more personal connections amongst neighbors, more transparency in our process, and greater access to our work. For more info, see our FAQ document here.

Our goal is to cultivate opportunities for true mutuality between neighbors in our communities. We believe that this can be done more sustainably and equitably when we work together in small, local groups.


Starting July 5, MAP will no longer use Venmo to take donations. Support MAP with PayPal and Open Collective!


Open Collective

Our most pressing need is donations to help us offer financial assistance and pay for the items our community members need. All donations go directly to community members. We keep a public spreadsheet of transactions for transparency. (Donations are not tax deductible)


You can help spread the word by sharing our website, social media, and donation information with your personal networks and on social media. Find example text at the link below and help us spread the word!