About Mutual Aid Philly

Mutual Aid Philly is an entirely volunteer run, community powered group that provides direct aid, neighbor to neighbor, in South Philly and Center City in English, Spanish, and Mandarin. The group was created to provide support in response to COVID-19 and prioritizes outreach to groups most affected by the health and economic impacts of the pandemic. We primarily focus on disabled and chronically ill, undocumented, people of color, LGBTQ, and low-income individuals and families.

What is mutual aid?

Creating a stronger community together.

Mutual aid is not charity.

We provide mutual aid because we believe that everyone in a community is essential and should have their needs met regardless of race, disability, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, immigration status, or language spoken. The government has denied many folks their basic needs and dignity, leaving it up to the community to take care of each other.

We value the personal connections we make with those who give and receive help. We check-in with our network to provide support, connect people with resources, and continue to engage our community.

Mutual aid is not a quid pro quo.

You do not have to do or give anything to receive mutual aid.

Mutual aid values the contributions of all people.

We believe all people have something to offer to our community. Volunteers are engaged in many different ways from making donations to grocery runs to our daily operations. We continually seek ways to involve community members who request aid in our work, through organizing and volunteer opportunities.